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A Motorists guide to Marseille - directions, parking and more

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Marseilleís warm climate attracts many sun worshippers to its beaches, the most popular being Plage des Catalans. The city itself has many interesting historical buildings, and itís also an ideal place from which to explore the surrounding villages of Provence. As well as being the birthplace of the famous dish bouillabaisse, Marseille is the most culturally and ethnically diverse French city.

To get a birdís eye view over the city, visit the Notre Dame Basilica, a 19th century Roman Byzantine construction. From here you can catch a shuttle bus to the port, which trails through some of Marseilleís residential areas.

The Chateau díIf prison, famous for being featured in Alexandre Dumasí ĎThe Count of Monte Cristoí, was originally built as a fortress to defend the city and its port. To get there, catch a boat from the Quai des Belges; itís worth the trip for the views of the mountains in the distance.

Palais Longchamp on Boulevard Montricher is an opulent building with an impressive fountain, and contains an aqueduct which is no longer in use. The north wing contains the Musee des Beaux-Arts.

For culinary delights, visit the Vieux Port, or old port, which is at the heart of the city and where you can sample the local cuisine of fish and seafood.

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Speed limits around Marseille

Speed Limits

Motorway: 130 km/h
Dual Carriageway: 110 km/h
Rural: 90 km/h
Urban: 50 km/h

Distances from Marseille to...

All of these places are within a few hours drive from Marseille
PlaceDistance km (miles)
(Point to Point)

Nice, France159 km (99 miles)

Lyon, France277 km (172 miles)

Genoa, Italy310 km (193 miles)

Geneva, Switzerland329 km (204 miles)

Barcelona, Spain338 km (210 miles)

Florence, Italy477 km (296 miles)

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