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Driving to Malmo

A Motorists guide to Malmo - directions, parking and more

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Arriving / Parking

How Far from?
Malmo is Sweden’s third largest city, and has varied attractions that are sure to please everyone. Its southern location also means Malmo has a relatively mild climate compared to other parts of Sweden.

Architectural fans should take a look at the Oresund Bridge, which connects Malmo to Denmark, Santiago Calatrava’s Turning Torso building, the Malmohus Castle, built in 1437, and St. Peter’s Church, also from the Renaissance era. Malmohus Castle today houses a history museum, art museum and aquarium, while the church is Malmo’s oldest surviving building.

Shoppers can head to Mollevangstorget Square, where a busy open-air market takes place at weekends. The neighbourhood around it has restaurants and grocery shops, as well as many cheap Asian and Middle Eastern shops.

Those with children may want to visit Folket’s Park (People’s Park), which has a zoo, play areas, and family rides from April to September. There is also plenty in terms of nightlife, thanks to Malmo’s growing student population.

Map of the area

Speed limits around Malmo

Speed Limits

Motorway: 110 km/h
Dual Carriageway: 90 km/h
Rural: 70 km/h
Urban: 50 km/h

Distances from Malmo to...

All of these places are within a few hours drive from Malmo
PlaceDistance km (miles)
(Point to Point)

Copenhagen, Denmark18 km (11 miles)

Gothenburg, Sweden240 km (149 miles)

Hamburg, Germany295 km (183 miles)

Berlin, Germany345 km (214 miles)

Gdansk, Poland394 km (245 miles)

Oslo, Norway494 km (307 miles)

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