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Driving to Derry

A Motorists guide to Derry - directions, parking and more

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How Far from?
Derry, also known as Londonderry, was the first city in Ireland that was specifically planned. As such it is one of the country’s most important cities.
The city was constructed within walls designed in the shape of a diamond, as it was believed this was the best layout to ensure the city was secure in case of attack. Its construction took place from 1613 to 1618.

The layout clearly worked; the walls have never been penetrated despite many battles during the 17th century. Today the walls are one of Derry’s main sights, along with the ‘No Surrender’ mural and the ‘You Are Now Entering Free Derry’ sign.

The Castle Dungeons and St. Columb’s Cathedral are further testimony to the illustrious history of Derry.

Map of the area

Speed limits around Derry

Speed Limits

Motorway: 70 mph
Dual Carriageway: 70 mph
Rural: 60 mph
Urban: 30 mph

Distances from Derry to...

All of these places are within a few hours drive from Derry
PlaceDistance km (miles)
(Point to Point)

Belfast, Northern Ireland91 km (57 miles)

Dublin, Ireland194 km (120 miles)

Glasgow, Scotland213 km (132 miles)

Edinburgh, Scotland277 km (172 miles)

Centre Parcs Whinfell Forest, England294 km (183 miles)

Cork, Ireland349 km (217 miles)

Manchester, England361 km (224 miles)

Alton Towers, England410 km (255 miles)

Birmingham, England443 km (275 miles)

Centre Parcs Sherwood Forest, England447 km (278 miles)

Cardiff, Wales468 km (291 miles)

Stratford, England474 km (294 miles)

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