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Driving to Cork

A Motorists guide to Cork - directions, parking and more

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Cork is considered by many to be one of the most attractive places in Ireland. There is certainly plenty to do, from the quirky to the historical to the downright amusing.

To learn a bit about Cork’s quirkier history, head to the Cork Butter Museum, which is devoted to Cork’s reputation as having once had the world’s largest butter market. The Cork City Gaol hosts the Radio Museum Experience, where you can see a selection of early radios and a reconstruction of Cork’s first radio station. There is more fun at the Sea Safari Tour, at Lapps Quay Cork, which details the history of Cork’s harbour.

For more on the history of Cork, this time of a more serious kind, head to the Cork Public Museum, which is set within 18 acres of stunning gardens in Fitzgerald Park. One of the most famous landmarks is the Gothic St. Finbarrs Cathedral, dating back to 1878. The stained glass windows inside depict the life of Christ, and the outside has three prominent spires.

The aforementioned Cork City Gaol features many interesting exhibitions as well as wax figures. Built by Sir Thomas Deane, it has more the appearance of a castle than a prison.

There is an endless array of theatres: Cork Opera House, The Everyman Palace, Cork Arts Theatre, The Firkin Crane Centre are just a few of them. With dance, theatre, live music, comedy and film catered for you’re unlikely to get bored. Art lovers should try the Fenton Art Gallery, Crawford Municipal Art Gallery, and Triskel Arts Centre – again, there are plenty more.

Five miles outside of Cork is the village of Blarney, where you will find Blarney Castle. It was once believed the stone of the castle had magical powers, and is said to make whoever kisses it more eloquent. The lake and gardens surrounding the castle are also worth a look.

Map of the area

Speed limits around Cork

Speed Limits

Motorway: 120 km/h
Rural: 100 km/h
Urban: 50 km/h

Distances from Cork to...

All of these places are within a few hours drive from Cork
PlaceDistance km (miles)
(Point to Point)

Dublin, Ireland214 km (133 miles)

Belfast, Northern Ireland346 km (215 miles)

Derry, Northern Ireland349 km (217 miles)

Cardiff, Wales369 km (229 miles)

Bath, England427 km (265 miles)

Centre Parcs Longleat Forest, England440 km (273 miles)

Birmingham, England454 km (282 miles)

Manchester, England457 km (284 miles)

Alton Towers, England463 km (288 miles)

Stratford, England465 km (289 miles)

Stonehenge, England467 km (290 miles)

Centre Parcs Whinfell Forest, England493 km (306 miles)

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