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Driving to Belgrade

A Motorists guide to Belgrade - directions, parking and more

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How Far from?
Belgrade’s recent history is far from peaceful; after the war that culminated in the division of Yugoslavia into various independent states, 1996 and 1997 saw many demonstrations against Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic, who was eventually removed from power.

Now that the disruptions are over Belgrade has started to attract visitors, drawn to its beautiful scenery and location where the rivers Danube and Sava merge. The Kalamegdan Fortress, Old Palace and Temple of Saint Sava in the old town are all sights worth seeing.

The more modern part of the city has many shops, cafes and a bustling nightlife, and the Avala Monument provides wonderful views.

Map of the area

Speed limits around Belgrade

Speed Limits

Motorway: 120 km/h
Dual Carriageway: 100 km/h
Rural: 80 km/h
Urban: 60 km/h

Distances from Belgrade to...

All of these places are within a few hours drive from Belgrade
PlaceDistance km (miles)
(Point to Point)

Dubrovnik, Croatia299 km (186 miles)

Budapest, Hungary329 km (204 miles)

Zagreb, Croatia360 km (224 miles)

Brasov, Romania418 km (260 miles)

Bucharest, Romania451 km (280 miles)

Bratislava, Slovakia456 km (283 miles)

Rijeka, Croatia476 km (296 miles)

Vienna, Austria495 km (307 miles)

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