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Driving in Wales

A Motorists' guide to driving in Wales

National Flag
Wales National Flag
Capital: Cardiff
Language: English, Welsh
Currency: Pound Sterling
Country ID:

Wales extends over 21,000 sq km with extensive tracts of high plateaux and mountain ranges that are dissected by river valleys especially in the centre of the upland area. The lowland area is characterized by relatively narrow coastal belts and the valley floor. The highest mountain is Snowdon which reaches 3,650 feet.

Northern Wales is more sparcely inhabited and largely rural in comparison to the more industrial and heavily populated areas in the South which include the capital Cardiff, as well as Swansea and Newport.

Driving distance map of Wales
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Driving in Wales

Speed Limits

Motorway: 70 mph
Dual Carriageway: 70 mph
Rural: 60 mph
Urban: 30 mph

Useful phone numbers in Wales

Emergency Telephone Numbers

Ambulance, police and fire 999/112

Some useful phrases

Useful Phrases

Welsh - Bore Da (good morning), Hwyl nawr (goodbye), Os gwelwch yn dda (please), Diolch (thank you)

Places to drive to in Wales


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