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Driving in Albania

A Motorists' guide to driving in Albania

National Flag
Albania National Flag
Capital: Tirana
Language: Albanian
Currency: Lek
Country ID:

Sitting between the Adriatic Sea, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece, Albania is a country full of rich history. The country is still very much unspoilt by the pollution and over-use that many 'Westernised' countries show signs of. This means that you'll find miles of unspoilt and undeveloped beaches, classical cities without the big brand influence and a culture that is largely untouched by Western ways.

The country is split into three main areas, the coastal plain, the mountains and the interior plain. Much of the country (around 75%) is covered in forest.

Driving distance map of Albania
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Driving in Albania

Speed Limits

Rural: 80 km/h
Urban: 40 km/h

Useful phone numbers in Albania

Emergency Telephone Numbers

Ambulance 17, Police 19, Fire 18

Some useful phrases

Useful Phrases

Tungjatjeta (hello)
Lamtumire (goodbye)
Ju Lutem (please)
ju falem nderit (thank you)

Places to drive to in Albania

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